Where is the race located?

Loja is the ULTIMA FRONTERA host town and the race will start and finish here. Strategically placed in the heart of Andalusia, it is an ideal base for exploring the region.

How do I get there?

Located by the A-92 motorway, Loja has a railway station and is just 25 minutes from the airport of Granada and 45 minutes from Malaga. It is easy to find by taking Exit 188 from the A-92 if traveling from Malaga or Exit 193 if coming from Granada. There is a Malaga airport bus that takes you t0 Loja and drops you off in front of Hotel Manzanil. Bus schedules can be found here: (http://www.alsa.es/portal/site/Alsa/).

Do I get points towards UTMB from Ultima Frontera?

83km qualifies for 4 points, and 55km qualifies for 3 points towards the UTMB.

Are competitors required to finish each distance within a set time limit?

There will be a time limit on each race in 2017 based on a 5.5km/h minimum average speed requirement.

I would like to volunteer. Do I need to have previous experience? 

It is a plus, but not a requirement. Volunteers will gain experience in everything from event organization to ultra running. Please go to the Volunteers & Race Crew section of the website for information and application.

Do I need to know how to read a map, and a compass?

No. The Course will be well-marked, but the runner must consult the Race Map (provided during registration) and other navigational devices brought by the runner (i.e. GPS) in situations where he/she might become disoriented.  It is important for every runner to depend on his/her own navigation and not simply follow runners ahead.