Course Description

The entire route can be found on map/sheet 1008 Montefrio (Mapa Topografico Nacional 1:50,000).

All competitors receive a map of the route at registration. The course is marked with hanging reflective ribbons and biodegradable road paint. There are marshals patrolling the race.

The 2 distances will begin in front of Medina Lauxa Municipal Stadium at 09:15.  The course  joins a dirt road, which crosses the railway line, to begin a climb north-west following the Rio Genil.  A tough road climb out of Zagra, a small village with a frontier castle, leads to Ventorros de San José and CP1(20km).  The route takes you east on a mix of track and tarmac for 15km and CP2 (35km), a remote CP. This is the split where the 55km competitors head south on a track to the town Huetor-Tajar, once an area of fortified farmsteads (Huétor). For the 55km competitors, the town Sports Center is CP3 (42km) before final 13km back to Loja (55km).

For the 83km competitors, CP2 (35km) marks the start of a long ascent north on track via Cerrajon (1165m), before descent into the town of Montefrio and CP3 (48km), at Hotel La Enrea.

Montefrio, located in the Parapanda Mountains, was a natural frontier of the Nazarine Kingdom.  In June 1486, it became the final conquest in the whole territory, leading to the definitive victory of the Catholic Kings over Islam.  Some of the castle and its battlements remain, as well as the cistern and some stretches of wall. This is the furthest north the race goes. Drop-bags will be available at CP3 (48km).

On leaving the check point, the track climbs south to a stone cross, before entering the Arroyo de los Pinares track.  This track descends to outside the town of Villanueva Mesia before the route returns north through fields where Moorish-built irrigation systems are still in use, to CP4 (64km).  The Sports Center in Huetor-Tajar (70km) is CP5. From here, the final 13km route, as covered by the 55km runners, winds back to the Loja stadium for completion of the 83km race.