Total Ascent : 2760 m / Total Descent : 2760 m

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  1. Official race start at Medina Lauxa Municipal Stadium: 09:15.
  2. Cross over railway line and begin steep ascent.
  3. Undulating track to 10km mark and natural mountain water deposit.
  4. Continue to town of Zagra at 17km mark.
  5. Pass through town on tarmac and ascend to CP1 (20km) at Bar Chicago in Ventorros de San Jose.
  6. Continue on tarmac approx. 4km to right turn and sharp ascent on track.
  7. Descend on zig-zag tarmac to road junction at approx. 31km.
  8. Turn right on main road for approx. 1km.
  9. Hair-pin left turn onto undulating track that climbs to CP2 (35km).
  10. Begin long climb of approx. 8km on tarmac to highest point of race (1072m).
  11. Gradual descent to track which leads to town of Montefrio and CP3 (48km) at Hotel Enrea. Drop bags available.
  12. Single-track climb from CP3 to main road crossing and continue on track, returning to track that led to Montefrio.
  13. Ascend on track and continue south to single-track barranco descent.
  14. Track widens at approx. 56km point and becomes tarmac.
  15. Turn right at approx. 60km point and begin gradual climb on track to CP4 (64km).
  16. More undulating track before descent on tarmac and right turn on ring road of Huetor-Tajar.
  17. Continue approx. 1km to Huetor-Tajar Sports Center and CP5 (70km).
  18. Level tarmac leads to track section and 2km climb to main road to Loja.
  19. Undulating tarmac to outskirts of Loja and a small industrial estate at approx. 80km.
  20. Take track around edge of mountains and descend past railway station at 82.5km.
  21. Final 1km of tarmac into Loja Sports hall and Finish (83km).

Note: Route and itinerary are subject to change depending on weather and natural changes to the environment throughout the year. Final elevation gain / loss, Checkpoint Distances / Closing Times will be confirmed at registration.

Marked route maps will be issued. The route will be marked every 200 – 500m, monitored by Check Point teams and patrolled by marshals.